A Curriculum Solution

Lightbox Classroom K–5 Science is a digital interactive curriculum solution for teachers and students. Its intuitive design emphasizes the teaching and learning of science. All content included in the platform is based on Big Ideas and Performance Expectations.

Lightbox Classroom aligns to rigorous national and state standards and thoroughly addresses the needs of a blended classroom.



More than 10,000
lessons, activities
and curated
digital resources


Inspired teaching and
learning with professionally
developed lessons that are
completely customizable


Results of assignments
and assessments with
students, parents,
and fellow teachers

Built for Today’s Teachers

Lightbox Classroom is a customizable teaching solution that is perfect for any class size, for group work, and for individual students. Teachers can access content, activities, and digital resources, all related to curriculum, all in one spot.

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NGSS Core Ideas

Big ideas focusing on the big picture.


Curriculum-related skills and
knowledge for students to acquire.


Digital titles packed with
interactive media for students.

Core Lessons and Assessments

Ready-made materials
that align with NGSS
and state standards.

Digital Learning Resources

10,000 curated
digital resources
and differentiated
learning extensions
at your fingertips.

Lightbox Classroom is Developed on the 5E          Instructional Model

  • 1

    Engage students and their personal learning styles

  • 2

    Encourage students to explore through inquiry-based learning

  • 3

    Explain concepts through applicable digital resources

  • 4

    Elaborate on what students have achieved through hands-on activities and project-based learning

  • 5

    Evaluate students using thousands of assessments

Customized for Different Styles of Student Learning

Lightbox Classroom will engage students who thrive in a media-rich environment. Digital resources can appeal to many learning styles, such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic styles. Projects and activities encourage the involvement of all students. The readings accommodate all literacy levels with Fountas and Pinnell, Lexile, and Accelerated Reader leveling.

Core Ideas Are
the Foundation of Lightbox Classroom

Lightbox Classroom aligns to national and state standards in its

  • Core lessons
  • Assessments
  • Differentiated learning extensions
  • Digital resources
  • Lessons that integrate the Three Dimensions of Next Generation Science Standards

10,000 Curated, Ready-to-Use Digital Resources That Meet the Needs of Different Types of Learners

  • Audio enables auditory learners to absorb information

    Reading improves student comprehension

  • Content Chunking allows visual learners to work with small sections of quantitative data

  • Videos increase understanding of new concepts for English language and audio-visual

  • Infographics provide graphic representations of data helpful to visual learners

  • Weblinks give supplemental information for self-directed students who prefer an independent learning style

  • Slideshows provide succinct, focused text with visual components to aid visual learners

  • Activities implement hands-on learning opportunities for kinesthetic learners

  • Google Maps take students on a virtual field trip to relevant, real-world locations

Differentiated Learning Extensions for a Personalized Student Experience

Lightbox Classroom’s differentiated learning extensions are a scaffolding tool that helps teachers address the individual needs of specific students. They provide students with a springboard to participate in new kinds of learning strategies. With Lightbox Classroom’s differentiated learning extensions, teachers can tailor lessons to students’ skills and abilities. Students get to learn the way they learn best.


Teacher View
3       Easy Steps

In three easy steps, teachers can use the Teacher View to organize lessons and assignments that fulfill and supplement national and state standards.



  • Explore all of the content included in Lightbox Classroom K–5 Science
  • Select the core ideas that you want to use
  • Browse through ready-made lessons, resources, and assessments


  • Add and adapt Lightbox Classroom’s resources to fit the specific needs of your class
  • Include your favorite lessons, materials, and open educational resources (OER)
  • Create and customize lessons and student assignments


  • Send assignments and assessments to students using Lightbox Classroom or learning management systems
  • Present content to your class
  • Share results with students, parents, and fellow teachers

Rigorous Student

Lightbox Classroom lessons, extensions, and units of study include summative and formative assessments, as well as self-assessments. These assessments help teachers track student progress in an efficient way. Rubrics provide students with direction and expectations as they work through assignments.

Real Time Automatically
Scored Assessments

  • Classify
  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Match and Order
  • Written Response
  • Highlight

A Technology Solution

Lightbox Classroom is optimized for use on every device. The platform offers single sign on through your preferred learning management system or interactive library system. This allows content to be easily shared with staff and students alike.


Lightbox Classroom is seamlessly integrated with

  • Google
  • Google

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